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Department of Philosophy

izr. prof. dr. Vojko Strahovnik

Vojko Strahovnik, PhD, Assistant Professor and Research Fellow in Philosophy at the University of Ljubljana.

I am an Assist. Professor and Research Fellow in Philosophy at the University of Ljubljana. My recent outreach activities include being a visiting lecturer (2017) and a Fulbright research scholar (2016) at the University of Arizona, Department of Philosophy. The big research question that incites me most is the structure and phenomenology of normativity. This theme crosscuts a number of philosophical fields (ethics, epistemology, philosophy of science, aesthetics) as well as other scientific areas, in particular, cognitive science, AI, law, and psychology.

The impact of my work ranges from new and important theoretical insights into the nature of normativity (the role of moral principles in the formation of moral judgmentsauthority of the normative domainepistemic agency and epistemic virtuousness) to considerations related to practical dimensions of our lives (e.g. the role of guilt and moral shame in reconciliation processesthe importance of intellectual and ethical virtues in dialogue and education, global justiceanimal ethics).

My work is also reflected in applied projects with broader societal impact (international projects in the domain of ethics education in schools). The results of my research have been published in several scientific papers and chapters, as well as in five monographs: Practical Contexts (Frankfurt, 2014), Challenging Moral Particularism (New York 2008), Moral Judgment, Intuition and Moral Principles (Velenje 2009; transl. Zagreb 2019), Moral Theory. The Nature of Morality (Maribor 2016; transl. Zagreb, 2018) and Global Ethics: Perspectives on Global Justice (Berlin, 2019).

Areas (and topics) of special interest: metaethics (moral phenomenology, error theory, expressivism, intuitionism, particularism), normative ethics (models of pluralism), applied ethics (medical bioethics, ethics of public administration, ethics and public policy), epistemology (contextualism), history of philosophy (Slovene phenomenological tradition), legal philosophy, logic and argumentation.

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