Department of Comparative and General Linguistics

Asst. Prof. Sašo Živanović

My primary research interest is semantics, where I work primarily on quantification. But I also work on (segmental) phonology, and syntax is between these anyway, right? Broadly, I'm interested in the overall architecture of the language faculty. I like to write my stuff in LaTeX, and I also like to write LaTeX packages. And let's not forget there's life outside academia: I dance argentine tango and play an occasional chess game.

  • 2002: BA in theoretical mathematics
  • 2007: PhD in general linguistics
  • 2007–: employed at Department of Comparative Linguistics, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana
  • Ludlow, Peter and Sašo Živanović (2022). Language, Form, and Logic: In Pursuit of Natural Logic's Holy Grail. Oxford University Press. [Amazon]
  • Živanović, Sašo (2007). Quantificational aspects of LF [Kvantifikacijski vidiki logične oblike v minimalistični teoriji jezika]. English translation of the PhD thesis. [pdf]
  • Živanović, Sašo (2020). “Branching onsets 2.0”. Acta linguistica academica 67(1), pp. 73-89. DOI: 10.1556/2062.2020.00006. [COBISS.SI-ID 17542659]
  • Živanović, Sašo (2010) and Markus Pöchtrager. “GP 2, and Putonghua too”. Acta linguistica Hungarica 57(4), pp. 357-380. [COBISS.SI-ID 45436002].
  • Živanović, Sašo (2010). “Conjunctive and prepositional comparatives in Slovenian”. Linguistica 50(3), pp. 225-240. [COBISS.SI-ID 43501666]

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