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Department of Library and Information Science and Book Studies

Prof. Dr. Polona Vilar

Prof. dr. Polona Vilar has been employed at the Department of Librarianship, Information Science and Book Science of the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana since 1999, and she also headed it in 2017-19. She is habilitated for Information Science (assistant since 1999, assistant professor since 2008, associate professor since 2014, full professor since 2019). She researches and teaches information behavior, information and reading literacy, school and public libraries. Her bibliography contains over 140 works (articles, books, chapters, papers, translations, dictionaries) and almost 100 mentorships. She has been involved in various national and international research projects for more than 20 years, worked as a visiting professor and researcher with the universities of London City, Graz, Hildesheim, Pisa, Barcelona, ??Zadar, Osijek, Zagreb etc. She is active in the continuing education of librarians and teachers. She is a member of the international standing program committees of scientific conferences CoLIS (Conceptions of Library and Information Science), which she successfully brought to Slovenia in June 2019, and ISIC (Information Seeking in Context) and in the term until 2023 member of Standing Committee of Information Literacy Section of IFLA. She has been a member of the FF Senate (since 2014), the FF Habilitation Committee (since 2019), the National Council for Library Activity (since 2017), and in 2017-19 she chaired the UL Library System Development Commission. In 2003 and 2019 she received the Kalan award from Union of Library Associations of SLovenia for important publications, in 2008 the Emerald / EFMD award for excellent doctoral dissertation and in 2013 the FF student association award for quality teaching.


1.01 Empirical papers

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1.02 Survey papers

  1. VILAR, Polona. Information behaviour of scholars. Libellarium. 2014, vol. 7, no. 1, str. 17-39. ISSN 1846-9213., DOI: 10.15291/libellarium.v7i1.194. [COBISS.SI-ID 57203042]

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1.16 Scientific book chapters

  1. BAWDEN, David, BATES, Jessica, CORDEIRO, Ines, STEINEROVÁ, Jela, VAKKARI, Pertti, VILAR, Polona. Information seeking and information retrieval. V: KAJBERG, Leif (ur.), LØRRING, Leif (ur.). European curriculum reflections on library and information science education. [Copenhagen], Denmark: The Royal School of Library and Information Science. 2005, str. 84-100. [COBISS.SI-ID 32148834]

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2.01 Scientific monographs

  1. VILAR, Polona, VODEB, Gorazd, BON, Milena, KOVAČ, Miha, JUŽNIČ, Primož. Proaktivna splošna knjižnica za bralno pismenost in bralno kulturo. Ljubljana: Zveza bibliotekarskih društev Slovenije, 2017. 130 str., ilustr. ISBN 978-961-6683-35-7. [COBISS.SI-ID 291642880]

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2.06 Dictionaries etc.

  1. KANIČ, Ivan (avtor, urednik), LEDER, Zvonka, UJČIČ, Majda, VILAR, Polona, VODEB, Gorazd. Bibliotekarski terminološki slovar, (Knjižnica, 53(2009),3-4). Ljubljana: Zveza bibliotekarskih društev Slovenije: Narodna in univerzitetna knjižnica, 2009. 370 str. ISBN 978-961-6162-55-5. [COBISS.SI-ID 105534208]

  2. KANIČ, Ivan, DIMEC, Zlata, VILAR, Polona. Angleško-slovenski slovar bibliotekarske terminologije = English-Slovenian dictionary of library terminology, (Multilingual dictionaries of library terminology). Ljubljana: Narodna in univerzitetna knjižnica, 2002. 145 str. ISBN 961-6162-53-5. [COBISS.SI-ID 105533696]

2.12 Research reports

  1. VILAR, Polona, ŽUMER, Maja, PISANSKI, Jan, KRTALIĆ, Maja, et al. Intelectual output 05 : policy recommendations for the harmonization of the entry requirements and learning outcomes in information science in Europe. 36 str., ilustr. [COBISS.SI-ID 69926242]

  2. HARAMIJA, Dragica (vodja projekta, avtor), VRŠNIK PERŠE, Tina, BATIČ, Janja (sodelavec pri raziskavi), HMELAK, Maja (sodelavec pri raziskavi), IVANUŠ-GRMEK, Milena (sodelavec pri raziskavi), KOŠIR, Katja (sodelavec pri raziskavi), LICARDO, Marta (sodelavec pri raziskavi), LIPOVEC, Alenka (sodelavec pri raziskavi), ROPIČ, Marija (sodelavec pri raziskavi), VIZJAK PUŠKAR, Nika (sodelavec pri raziskavi), KRAJNC IVIČ, Mira (sodelavec pri raziskavi), PULKO, Simona (sodelavec pri raziskavi), ZEMLJAK JONTES, Melita (sodelavec pri raziskavi), SAKSIDA, Igor (sodelavec pri raziskavi), VILAR, Polona (sodelavec pri raziskavi), PERKO, Manca (sodelavec pri raziskavi), POTOČNIK, Petra (sodelavec pri raziskavi), JAMNIK, Tilka (sodelavec pri raziskavi), PICCO, Kristina (sodelavec pri raziskavi), PREGL, Slavko (sodelavec pri raziskavi). Končno poročilo o izvedenih aktivnostih v okviru projekta V objemu besed. Maribor: Pedagoška fakulteta, 2017. [COBISS.SI-ID 23580424]

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2.13 Reports

  1. AUPIČ, Marko, BRENČIČ, Polona, FRAS POPOVIĆ, Sabina, LESJAK, Blaž, PODBREŽNIK VUKMIR, Breda, VILAR, Polona, VODEB, Gorazd, ZDRAVJE, Ana. Doseganje razvojnih usmeritev Standardov za splošne knjižnice veljavnih v obdobju 2005-2017 : raziskava. 1. izd. [Ljubljana]: Narodna in univerzitetna knjižnica, 2018. Center za razvoj knjižnic, Študije. ISBN 978-961-6551-87-8. ISSN 2386-0332. [COBISS.SI-ID 295261952]

  2. KODRIČ-DAČIĆ, Eva, VODEB, Gorazd, BON, Milena, POLIČNIK-ČERMELJ, Tereza, VILAR, Polona. Vzpostavitev infrastrukture za zagotavljanje enakih možnosti dostopa do publikacij slepim in slabovidnim ter osebam z motnjami branja.Model Knjižnice za slepe, slabovidne in osebe z motnjami branja, vključno z modelom zagotavljanja in koordinacije knjižničnih storitev za slepe, slabovidne in osebe z motnjami branja na področju celotne države. Ljubljana: Narodna in univerzitetna knjižnica, 2014. [COBISS.SI-ID 284129792]

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