Izrazi nordijskega izvora v La Estorie del Evangelie: Originalni zapis in kako so jih nadomeščali pisarji

Lingvistični krožek Filozofske fakultete v Ljubljani vabi na 1208. sestanek v ponedeljek, 4. aprila 2022, ob 18. uri (Modra soba in Zoom). Na temo Izrazi nordijskega izvora v La Estorie del Evangelie: Originalni zapis in kako so jih nadomeščali pisarji / Norse-Derived Terms in La Estorie del Evangelie: Original Composition and Scribal Substitutions bo predavala prof. dr. Sara Pons-Sanz, Univerza v Cardiffu, Velika Britanija. Predavanje bo v angleščini.

Povzetek (v angleščini):

This paper will focus on the Norse-derived terms recorded in La Estorie del Evengelie, an early Middle English text in spite of its Anglo-Norman title. This text, which probably originates from south Lincolnshire or north Norfolk, has not received much attention from either literary scholars working on medieval spirituality or linguists interested in the impact that Anglo-Scandinavian contacts had on the make-up of the medieval English lexicon. The latter have paid much closer attention to better known works such as the OrmulumHavelok the Dane or Genesis and Exodus. Nonetheless, Estorie is particularly interesting for the study of the process of integration of the Norse-derived terms in English because it is recorded in a number of fragments (many of which overlap in different places) from different dialectal areas and periods.

Taking as its starting point the taxonomy for the identification of Norse-derived terms in English put forward as part of the Gersum Project, co-led by Dr Richard Dance and Dr Pons-Sanz (www.gersum.org), this paper will explore in detail the impact of textual transmission across different dialectal areas on the presence or absence of the terms, and their connections with other members of the lexico-semantic field. These are key aspects in the exploration of the process of integration of the terms into the medieval English lexicon.


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