Second Slavic Language – Polish

Second Slavic Language – Polish

Lectures: 0

Seminars: 0

Tutorials: 60

ECTS credit: 3

Lecturer(s): doc. dr. Rezoničnik Lidija, lekt. Podržaj Tina

1. Learning about the phonetic and grammatical system of the Polish language and the laws of their functioning with emphasis on the differences between the Polish and Slovene system: - mastering the basic principles of pronunciation and intonation (phonetic exercises and reading aloud), - basics of Polish grammar: Accusative, Genitive of nouns, adjectives, pronouns, b) conjugation (overview of basic types), c) main and consecutive numerals, d) syntax (specialty of syntax with Instrumental).
2. Getting to know the basic vocabulary of the theme "Me and my world": describing human being, place of residence, work, everyday life, food and drink, health, natural environment, selected current social topics.
3. Continuing the knowledge of Polish grammar: a) other cases, b) past and future tense of verbs, c) graduation of adjectives and adverbs, d) basic types of sentences.

4. Developing vocabulary.
5. Developing the ability of the most basic communication in concrete, everyday speech situations.
6. Identification and use of basic communication patterns, such as: exchange of information, expression of intellectual, emotional and moral views, social conventions and the specifics of non-verbal communication in Polish.
7. Understanding of written and spoken authentic texts.
8. Familiarity with the most general phraseological structure of the communicative language and the basic principles of Polish spelling.