Selected Topics in Phraseology

Selected Topics in Phraseology




ECTS credit:3

Lecturer(s): prof. dr. Žele Andreja, red. prof. dr. Kržišnik Erika


Selected themes:
• Different theoretical approaches to the study of phraseology in the 20th century: the structuralist (problem of the status of phraseological units /PU/ within the system of the language); forming-conversion (the role of conversion anomalies in phraseology), cognitive (PU as an expression of conceptual metaphors).
• PU as anomalous unit of the language system and the consequent essential features necessary for languag- system classification and differentiation, contrasting and comparing.
• Standards in phraseology - the relationship between introspection of the linguist, results when interviewing native speakers, and the data obtained from a text corpus.
• Principles of modern phraseography. Corpus approach to phraseology. Historical overview of phraseology in Slovenian dictionaries.
• Phraseology of Slovene as a foreign language – from phraseographic and didactic point of view.